About Us


Yulli Ludena

Yulli Ludena is a nationally certified massage therapist with over 10 years of experience. She has additional certifications in medical, deep tissue, advanced sport, TMJ and lymphatic drainage massage. Her goal is to help those who are suffering from acute or chronic muscular pain, as well as anyone with muscle tightness or overall discomfort. She works seamlessly with the members of her team to assess your issue, to not only help with pain management, but treat it! She encourages everyone to try massage therapy at least once, so they can determine if it is something that will improve their lifestyle and overall health. Yulli is passionate about the beneficial effects of massage therapy on the body and mind. She has put together an awesome team with many years of experience as well as different therapeutic specialties to suit your needs.
Due to their extensive training and experience, Yulli and her team are able to customize each massage according to a client’s specific needs, including particular types and locations of pain or general discomfort. They receive frequent referrals from both Inova and Alliance physical therapy centers.
Yulli and her team’s expertise, along with their amazing ability to alleviate pain and tension, allow the client to fully benefit from their individualized massage experience. Each therapist has different specialties to work together to create a therapeutic experience for each client. The team gives their clients relief from pain and tension, and they leave each session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

OUR MISSION:  At Yulli Therapeutic Massage we believe wellness is a way of life. We believe self-care is one of the most important things you can do to live the best life you can. Taking care of your mind and body will enable you to be your best self!



Tara Mcmaster

Growing up in Thailand, Tara became passionate about massage when she was 14. She began her Thai Massage work and continues to help her clients through her healing massage and through stretching techniques. She is certified in the following types of massage: Medical, Thai, Yoga, Prenatal, Sport, and cupping.


Susie Hoo

Susie Hoo, LMT is a graduate of Northern Virginia school of therapeutic massage, Fall Church,VA . She licensed and Certified by state of Virginia, and member ABMP Massage Association.
She brings 2 years of experience into Yulli Massage and offers custom massage using variety of modalities including Swedish, Thai, Tui-Na, deep tissue, myo-fascial release, cupping, Gua Sa, aromatherapy and hot stone for enhancing overall health and well being.
She believes massage creates balance of mind /body and spirit and her mission is to support individual in achieving life balance through personal wellness.


Jane Lafferty

Jane’s passions have always been helping & healing others through a kind gesture or listening. She’s now thrilled to be using her skills to heal others through Reiki. When the human body is relaxed and the
Chakras are balanced, the individual is more likely to be emotionally centered, more productive and healthier. Reiki offers this balance through a light touch from the practitioner who is channeling healing energy to the client. Reiki has its roots from Japan and has been used around the world as another way of healing the human body. Many nurses are trained in hospitals and now administer Reiki to their patients for relaxation and balance. Jane is certified in both Reiki 1 and 2 and is currently in training with a Reiki Master in Middleburg. Her clients trust her and have added Reiki before or after their massage, for complete wellness.


60 minutes, package of 4: $380 (savings of $60)
90 minutes, package of 4: $520 (savings of $100)
Hot Stone Massage
90 minutes – First time special price: $100