We’re excited to welcome you to our studio! To help you feel prepared, we’ve compiled questions most frequently asked from those new to massage and new to us.

What type of massage should I book?

All of our massages are catered to what your body needs. If you aren’t sure which type of massage to book, simply book the amount of time you’d like. We’ll conduct a full assessment prior to your treatment and customize the session to your needs.

How is a therapeutic massage different from a relaxation massage?

Therapeutic massage utilizes a variety of techniques—cupping, massage, hot stones, and stretching—to resolve your pain and get your body functioning at its highest level. While our massages can be relaxing, many of our clients come to us primarily to reduce tension, relieve stress, and work on a specific problem.

Do your massage therapists specialize in different techniques?

Our therapists are all highly trained with various specialties. It’s common for our team to work together on a client, utilizing all of our skills and knowledge. Yully has a unique speciality in deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy; Matthew has deep experience in Thai massage, cupping, and stretching; Susie frequently conducts deep tissue massage, cupping, and energy work; and Maggie is skilled in deep tissue massage.

What is cupping?

This practice involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. Cupping allows a practitioner to release tissue without discomfort, move stagnation and drain fluid, break up and expel congestion, and stretch muscles and connective tissue. We use cupping in sessions to treat muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and arthritis.

How many sessions will it take to relieve my pain?

While this is highly dependent on your body and specific areas and history of discomfort, it’s common for our clients to feel relief, increased range of motion, and loosened muscles after a single session. However, therapeutic massage tends to be most effective when it is integrated into a continuous wellness routine, just like going to the doctor or dentist.

Will I have to get undressed?

Prior to your massage therapist entering the room you will undress to your comfort level, which includes the decision to keep on or remove your undergarments. You will be covered on the massage table and will not be fully exposed at any time.

Do you offer prenatal massage?

Yes. Yully Ludena is licensed to perform gentle prenatal massages after the first trimester.

Do you offer couples massages?

We can perform massages for up to two couples (four individuals) at the same time. However, the massages will be conducted in separate rooms. Please call to ensure availability for this service.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards—VISA or MasterCard—cash, or check.

What’s the best way to book?

You can easily book online. If you prefer to speak to us before booking, you can reach us by phone at (571) 888-5193.

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